Hi! I’m a young, self-taught Security Researcher eager to grow. I started getting into InfoSec when I was around 15 or so. At the time, I really just wanted to be able to script some complex keyboard combinations for a video game I was playing. From there I went down the rabbit hole of fascination and wound up as a Security Researcher with focus on Open Source PHP applications. I did some research into WordPress, and found one or the other vulnerability. Write-Ups of most of the important vulnerabilities I found can be read on the RIPS Blog!

I also really enjoy traveling. On my 21st birthday I set off on a solo trip around the world, which unfortunately got shortened by the Corona-crisis. I am still very grateful to have spent several months in the US and then even more time backpacking South America and going from Andes to Amazon rain forest. Some images from San Francisco, Peru and the Grand Canyon!